Halle , 27,82 x 5,65 x 1,55 , Bouwjaar 1927 , Werf Gebr.Wiemann in Brandenburg ( Duitsland ) , 300 pk SKL , ex Simson , ex 1-436 Kura , M-263 Halle , ex SM-277 Halle , ex Wittenberg , ex Halle , eigenaar B.C.Klokman in Amersfoort , ENI 02324568

Foto’s gemaakt door Rene te Pas in Nijkerk.

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  1. Hi,
    I just discovered the pictures of the “Halle” on your site. I wonder if it would be possible to visit the ship, as it was build for my grandfather , Gustav Pollehne, by the Wiemann shipyards in Brandenburg. . I still have a photograph of the original state in 1928 and could send a copy of it to anyone who is interested.
    Perhaps you can help me in another case. Between 1928 and the worldwar , and I guess in the early thirties, my grandfather had another steam towship build somewhere in the Netherlands. Its name was “Wissmann” , first owner Gustav Pollehne, but I have no Information from which shipyard in NL it came. Do you have a ship of that name in your files?
    with Kind regrads, Falk Pollehne

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