Hebo Lift 2

Hebo Lift 2

Class society: Bureau Veritas + Register Holland
Class notation: Cross Hull • MACH, Assisted propulsion, Unrestricted navigation, NSI CVO, NSI CVG
Class notation cranes: • ALM/ALP + Aboma Keboma

Length o.a. 55,4 m
Beam o.a. 23,8 m
Beam incl. sponsons 30,98 m
Depth at sides 4 m
Draught 2,6 m
Deck strengst 12,5 ton/m2
Deck area 700 m2
Gross tonnage 1500GT

Crane data:
Make: HEBO Maritiemservice BV
Type: HB4300
Number: 2
Capacity: 2x 300T

Auxiliary equipment
2x Main generator 60Hz
1x Harbour generator 50Hz
2x Thruster 700Hp each
Anchor mooring system with 4 anchors, optional 8 anchors
8x 150Kn winches
4 x Pool TW anchors of 3000Kg
4x Smit brackets
Container fittings

Accommodation and nautical equipment
Airconditioned accommodation for 12 persons
Mess, galley, changing room, office, and cabins
Communication and navigating systems (A2) on bridge deck

Foto gemaakt door Fred Trooster op 16-02-2018 in Vlaardingen.

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